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How to decrease heat stress in horses
1.  Adjust feeding management
          Try providing the bulk of a horse's daily ration overnight.  Ration out smaller quantitites of hay during the day and give the largest portion for overnight consumption. 

2.  Reduce stres/postpone proceedures
        Postpone events such as vaccinations, deworming, weaning, changing barns, etc. during the very hot days.  Reducing any stress helps horses deal better with the heat.  If you must do a proceedure or event during the hot summer, try to do it early in the morning or later in the evening when the temperatures are a little cooler.

3.  Provide Shade
         Natural shade from trees will work well, but if you don't have trees or they don't provide enough shade consider getting fabric sunscreens.

4.  Provide sprinklers, baths or fans
        Because horses cool themselves primarily through evaporation and convection cooling, applying cool baths or using sprinklers may keep them more comforatable.  Moving air helps with this, so if there is no breeze, use a fan to help keep the air flowing.

5.  Exercise in the evening or morning
       When horses exercise they create heat.  You might want to consider a "vaction" from exercise during the hottest periods, but if you must exercise your horse try to do it in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures aren't as extreme.

6.  Monitor Water intake
        Adequate water intake is critical during hot weather.  Make sure your water is clean as horses tend not to want to drink dirty or poor quality water.  Keep your buckets and troughs clean and try not to put water in the direct sunlight.
Summer Heat can become a serious problem for many horses.
Here's some great tips from Purina
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