We carry a full line of Purina Horse feeds.  No company puts more research and love behind its horse feeds than Purina Mills.  Whatever lifestyle, age or condition your horse is in, there is a Purina Horse feed that will be just right!

Take the Omolene Challenge!
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Yes!  You read that right!  We challenge you to change your feed to Purina Omolene!  Just to get you started, if you try Omolene for 60 days Purina will give you 2 bags FREE!   That's how confident we are that you will see the difference that Omolene will make with your horse.  Just follow the link below to sign up for the Omolene Challenge and see what a difference it makes in just 60 days!

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The Purina Horse App is Here!
My Horse Barn

If you have a horse then you need the new Purina Horse App, "My Purina Horse Barn".  Manage your horse's feed, enroll in the Feed Greatness Program and have access to Purina nutritionists and more!  There will also be contests and prizes available to win!

Available in the Apple and Android app stores

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