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Summer Stress Doesn't Have to Cost You!

Summer is a stressful time for cattle.  The heat and humidity make cattle uncomfortable, causes them to eat less and to use more energy just to try and stay cool.  When cattle stress and eat less they can easily lose body condition and more importantly weight.  But there is a way you can help relieve some of the stress!
Purina Accuration, Rangeland and
Availa 4 Tubs

The easy and convenient way to deliver nutrients and energy to your cattle.  Tubs and blocks are attractive to cattle, consistently consumed and balance the deficiencies of your pasture
Purina Wind and Rain Minerals

Purina Wind and Rain Minerals replenish the lost nutrients your cattle experience through sweating, panting and other cooling activities.  Wind and Rain Minerals give your cattle what they need and if one of those "pop up" showers shows up you can rest easy because Purina Wind and Rain minerals are the most weather resistant mineral on the market!