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Complete Guide to Lawn Care
The Basic Plan
Lawn care doesn't have to be hard or expensive.  You can get great results with just a basic plan and good old fashioned basic fertilizers.  Just apply a few times a year and you'll start seeing results!

Plan 1:  The Bare Bones:  This is a great plan if you don't have a lot to spend on your yard both in dollars and time.  Just two applications a year of fertilizer and lime will improve your current lawn and make your grass thickier and healthier.

Plan 2:  The Standard Plan:  Keep your yard looking good and healthy with a standard plan, feeding your lawn up to 4 times with 2 applications of lime.  Fertilize twice in the spring in April-June and then again in September.  If you want to boost your plan, then add a final feeding in October for a winterizing.  Lime once in the Spring and once in the fall and you'll see great results.

The workhorse of fertilizers!  This is your standard go to fertilizer for all programs.  Balanced nutrients provide a good source of nitrogen, phosphate and potash to feed your lawn.  This is your best all purpose blend available.
If you are seeding a new lawn or overseeding, then your best choice is 15-30-15.  This blend helps with the root structure of the grass and helps give your new lawn the best start possible.
24-6-12 plus Iron-Slow Release
This formula gives you the double power of a slow release nitrogen to keep your lawn growing throughout the summer and extra iron to green up your yard.  This is the perfect fertilizer to apply in late spring that will keep your yard growing all summer long!
If you have zoysia or burmuda, then this is the fertilizer for you!  Apply in late May or Early June and you'll see your yard floursih during the summer! 
Enhanced Plan
Now you want to take your lawn to your lawn to the next level.  Your ready to go from good to great, but you still don't want to spend an arm and leg to do it.  Don't worry!  We have a program that matches premium programs but a fraction of the cost.  You don't have to pay for the "Scott's" brand to get those results.  Products from ferti-lome and Hy Yield give you the same results at a reduced price.  Hy Yield products are good quality at a low price and the ferti-lome products are premium quality without the premium price tag.  Either way you go, you'll see better results and a better, thicker and healthier yard.

Plan 1:  The Enhanced:  We just take our basic plan and replace standard fertililzers with ferti-lome and Hy Yield brands.  Feed your lawn 2 or 3 times a year and at least one application of lime and you'll see great results.  It's easy, time effiecient and flexible to match your needs.

Plan 2:   The Ultimate:  This plan is the premium plan of lawn care.  When your serious about your lawn then this is the way to go!  Feed your lawn 2-3 times in the early spring through early summer.  Then wake up your lawn int he early fall with an application.  Then finally, put your yard to rest with a winterizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs to survive the winter and then be ready to grow int he spring.  Add one or two applications of lime to the mix and you have the best lawn program available!

Hi Yield New Process
Have a small yard and don't need one of those big bags?  Then Hi Yield New Process is your answer.  All of the extras that Hy Yield offers but in a smaller package.
Hy Yield Weed and Feed
When you need to take care of your weeds but don't want to spend a fortune, then Hi Yield Weed and Feed is your answer.  Economically priced but packs a quality weed control with a quality fertilizer.  You don't have to pay an arm and leg for a weed & feed with Hy Yield!
ferti-lome Weed Out
A premium lawn product that offers a premium weed contol element along with the enhanced fertilizer package that ferti-lome offers in all of its products.  You'll get superior results without having to pay high prices!
ferti-lome Classic Slow Release
This is your "turf builder"!  This all purpose formula from fertil lome will feed your lawn for up to 2 months.  Save time and money by applying less, but the longer lasting Classic formula from ferti-lome.
ferti-lome Southwest Greenmaker
Formulated for southern lawns especially burmuda and zoysia.  This all purpose formula has extra sulpher and iron which the warm season grasses need.   Apply in the summer every 6 weeks and you'll see your warm season lawn thrive!
ferti-lome plus Iron
Do you wish your lawn had that deep dark green color to it?  You can achieve that dark green look by using ferti-lome plus iron!  A combination of 2 nitrogen sources green up your lawn fast and gives you long term growth while the iron gives your grass the nutrients it needs for that deep dark healthy green hue.
ferti-lome New Lawn Starter
New lawns need more nutrients and phosphorus to get off to a good start. ferti-lome New Lawn Starter helps develop the roots and give your lawn the stable base it needs for growth.  Apply when you seed or immediatley after and you'll give your new lawn the best chance at success.
ferti-lome Winterizer
You've spend all summer getting your yard to look beautiful.  Now end the season by giving your lawn the nutrients it needs to store for the winter and stay strong and hardy to be ready to come out in the spring.  Winterizer is the finishing touch to a great lawn.  Apply in mid fall before the first frost.
Attacking Lawn Problems
Even if you take great care of your lawn a few problems can sidetrak you or keep you from enjoying the most out of your yard.  Weeds, insects, crabgrass and grubs are just a few of the things that can give you problems.  Luckily, we have solutions for all of those problems!
Hi Yield Crabrass Control
If you have crabgrass spring is the best time to control it.  Hi Yield Crabgrass is a crabgrass control product that will help stop the germination of the invaisive grass.  Apply twice in the spring for maximum control about 6 weeks apart. 
ferti-lome Crabgrass plus Lawn Food
Take care of your crabgrass and feed your lawn at the same time!  This product contians a strong crabgrass pre-emerge along with high quality fertil-lome fertilizer to give you a 2 in 1 application to save you time and money!  Remember crabgrass prevention needs 2 application so combine this with the Hi Yield Crabgrass preventor as your second application for maximum protecton agains crabgrass.
Bonide Weed Beater Complete
When you need the best weed control in a granule, turn to Bonide Weed Beater Complete.  Formulated to take care of the toughest weeds and crabgrass, Weed Beeater Complete is your best weapon against invaisive plants. 
Hi Yield Bug Blaster
Don't let insects ruin your outdoor fun!  Bug Blaster will take care of all those pesky insects including ticks.  Apply once a month and you'll have an outdoor area you can enjoy with all the bugs!
Hi Yield Grub Free
Not only are grubs destructive to your lawn, they attract unwanted animals such as possums, armadillos, and moles.  Keep the grubs out and you can keep these animals from destroying your lawn!
Lookng to put in a new lawn?

Then don't forget we are your lawn seed headquarters!  We carry the turf grasses that work best for our area and we are committed to helping you estabish and grow a great lawn!  

And of course there is so much more!!
Taking care of a lawn can be so much more than just feeding it.  Other things pop up, problem areas, special needs and lots of surprises.  Fortunatley, we are ready to help you!  Here are just a few of the other products we carry to help you!  We invite you to come by our store and see all of our lawn care products.  And of course we are always happy to help you with your problems.  Ask us anything about your lawn and if we don't have the answer, we'll get it and let you know!

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