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Do You Mulch your Leaves?
Then here's a few tips to make your mulching pay off!
Need to do a little dirt work in your yard?  Don't overspend on dirt!

We have a supply of soils and admendments that went through the flood that are perfect to use for yard and garden repair and save you over 50% from the regular price!  If you are doing dirt work don't spend too much, come in and check out our prices!
More and more home owners are choosing mulching their leaves as opposed to either raking them or bagging them.  Mulching makes more and more sense as it helps put back nutrients into your yard.  However, to get the full benefit of mulching try this helpful tip!

Give your yard a spreading of nitrogen!
That's right.  Good old fashioned nitrogen will start to break down your leaves and turn them into organic material for your lawn to absorb during the winter. 

Also it's a great time to put down a lime application.  Some leaves and pine needles will add acidity to the soil.  A lime application now will help keep your soil balanced and ready to go when  Spring gets here.  So don't put away your spreader yet!  Get down some nitrogen and lime and you'll see a healthier lawn in 2018!