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It's time for some fall lawn care!
Here are some helpful hints and ideas for your lawn this fall
Rake It
Your rake is more versitile than just for gathering up leaves.  A good thorough raking of your lawn, removes thatch and derbis from your yard that can hinder lawn growth.  Open up your lawn with a good raking and see how well your grass responds!
Feed It
Even though it's fall, your lawn is still searching for nutrients.  As your grass prepares for winter, it want to store extra nutritents to keep it healthy and alive during the winter months.  Help it along with a good winterizing fertilizer.  Your lawn will thank you now and again in the spring when it will use the stored food to get a head start on its spring growth.
Overseed It
During the course of a typical year, your lawn will have some areas weaken and even die off.  Now is the perfect time to over seed that yard and fill in those empty spots.  Overseeding will add texture and strength to your lawn and provide new growth that will keep your yard strong and growing into next spring.
Repair It
If your yard has developed uneven areas, low spots or even holes, now is the best time to repair it.  Just fill in the areas with a good soil mixter, add see and you'll be ready with a nice smooth lawn when spring arrives next year!
Need to do a little dirt work in your yard?  Don't overspend on dirt!

We have a supply of soils and admendments that went through the flood that are perfect to use for yard and garden repair and save you over 50% from the regular price!  If you are doing dirt work don't spend too much, come in and check out our prices!