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Feed the Wildlife without a Feeder!
Hunt where the Deer Are!

Ameristand portable blinds take you to where the deer are!  Easy to set up they keep you dry and comfortable.

Three Models in stock:
  *Dog House
Sportsman's Condos
The Ultimate Hunting Blind

There is no better hunting blind on the market.  When you are ready for the best, you are ready for Sportman's Condos One Piece Solid Hunting Blinds.  Protect yourself from the wind, rain and any thing else Mother Nature throws at you.  Hunt in comfort-Hunt Sportsman's Condos!
Hands Free Lighting!

Hat Clip Lights keep your hands free and light where you need it!  No more fussing and looking for a flashlight when it's on your cap! 

Three models available:
  *White Light
  *Green Light
  *Blood Tracker
When you need a lot of Light
Big Larry to the rescue!

Big Larry gives you a lot of light in a small package.  High Beam and Low Beam and a Flashing Signal make the Big Larry an essential part of your outdoor tools.
Purina Blocks to the Rescue!

There's no need for a feeder when you use Purina Wild Life Blocks.  Easy to use and long lasting these blocks will feed the wildlife without the hassle of a feeder. There are three blocks to choose from:

*Wild Bird