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Richards Brothers is your headquarters for feed, seed, fertilizer and farm supplies in the Ozarks.  Since 1932 we have strived to deliver friendly service, competitive prices and products that improve your farming needs.
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March 13:
Richards Brothers
Forage and Cattle Meeting

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April Specials

85th Anniversary Sale!
Find our ad in the April 12th West Plains Daily Quill or Check our all the specials on this page below!
Chick Days are Here!
March 30 and April 27
We are taking orders now!  Check out our poultry page for all the details!
It's Time for your Spring Fertilizer
Come in and see us for all your fertilizer needs.  We can custom mix a blend that fits your operation and your budget.  And don't forget, we use AMMONIUM NITRATE!  You get all the value for the nitrogen you buy, not evaporated into the air!
Vegetable and flower Bedding plants are here!  We have a great supply of plants for your garden.  And remember, we use ONLY local suppliers for our plants!
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We offer bulk feed delivery for dairy and beef cattle feeds!
Here are just a few of the Brands we Offer!
Purina MIlls
Diamond Pet Food
Red Flannel Pet Food
Bad Boy Buggy
Key Clothing
Rex Pet Foods
GreenSeed Co
Exclusive Pet Foods
Moultrie Products
Sportsman's Condo
Fertilome & Hi Yield
Richards Brothers
Is your Local
Purina Mills Dealer

85th Anniversary Sale  April 12-22
50 lb. 13-13-13 Fertilizer.....$9.95
8 cu. foot Ozark Pine Shavings.....$4.25
Key Denim Bib Overalls.....$23.50
40 lb. Value Pak Dog Food.....$10.95
40 lb. Pellet Lime.....$4.25
50 lb. Purina Cattle Mineral.....$2 off per bag
50 lb. Purina Crossroad All Stock.....$8.50
225 lb. Purina 25% Rangeland Tub.....$5 off
225 lb. Purina Fly Tubs.....$5 off
50 lb. Purina Chick Starter.....$3 off 2 bags
20 lb. Purina Wild Bird Blocks.....$1 off
20 lb. Purina Wildlife Block.....$1 off
20 lb. Purina Deer Block.....$1 off
50 lb. Purina Strategy Horse Feed.....$2 off
50 lb. Purina Equine Senior.....$2 off
50 lb. Purina Lay Pellets.....$1 off
50 lb. Purina Lay Crumbles.....$1 off
50 lb. Sunflower Seeds.....$15.95
3 pk. Preferred One Spot On.....$19.95
4 pk. Ramik Bar Bait.....$9.95
Soda Bottle Hummingbird Feeders.....$10
40 lb. Country Value Cat Food.....$19.95
50 ft. Aeroflex Stretch Garden Hose.....$17.50
Key Boot Cut Jeans.....$11.95
Key Denim Dungarees.....$15.95
5000 ft. Hi Yield Weed & Feed.....$8.95
Bypass Hand Pruners.....$13.25
Cyclone Seeders.....$19.95
11.5 lb. Hi Yield Bug Blaster.....$6.95
1 gallon Chapin Sprayer.....$7.50
40 lb. Earthgro Topsoil.....3/$6.50
40 lb. Earthgro Manure.....$2.25
40 lb. Earthgro Potting Soil.....$2.75
2 cu. Ft. Miracle Gro Potting Soil.....$9.95
1 cu. Ft. Miracle Gro Garden Soil.....$4.50
4 lb. Hi Yield Garden Dust.....2/$7
3x50 ft. Weed Barrier.....$2.99
Long Handled Tools.....$7.50
50 lb. KY 31 Fescue.....$59.95
Quart Hi Yield KillzAll 365.....$20.95
Quart Hi Yield KillzAll.....$9.95
Large Size Live Traps.....$39
4 gallon Chapin Back Pack Sprayer.....$39
1 oz Terro Ant Killer.....2/$3
18 oz Bengal Wasp and Hornet Spray.....$1.99
Gallon 1% Synergized Pour On.....$12.50
Big Bag Flay Traps.....$4.99
2.5 gallon Ranger Pro 41% Glyphosate.....$29.95
1 gallon Bayer Home Pest Control.....$5.99
Gallon Crystal Blue.....$29
Gallon Crystal Plex  Algea Control.....$32
Gallon Pond Cleaner.....$32
800 lb Garden Cart.....$79