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When it comes to feeding animals, it makes a difference.  It makes a difference when the right ingredients are combined in the right way for that species.  Cows have different needs than horses, who have different needs from chickens, who have different needs than dogs, that have different needs from every other species you can name.  Only one company feeds them all.  Only one company does its own research on its own research farm.  Only one company tests and re-tests every product to make sure it delivers the nutrition and health that every animal deserves.  Only one company has the Checkerboard.  It's your guarantee that you are getting the best animal feed available.  It's your guarantee that you are getting the best animal feed available.  It's your guarantee that you are doing all you can to maintain your animal's health.  It's your guarantee that you are doing it right.  Over the years, feed companies have come and gone.  New fads, new twists and marketing campaigns have muddled the market.  But through it all the Checkerboard is there.  Standing Tall, Standing Proud.  Making sure that through it all, you have one place to go, one place to rely on one place to make a difference in your animals' lives.  The Checkerboard was there then and it's here now.  It's time to come back to the Checkerboard.  It's time to see the difference that a feed can make in your animals lives.  It's time for Purina.
It's Time to Take Control
of Your Ponds

It's a fact that ponds are a valuable asset to your land.  First of all, they provide water to your livestock or wildlife.  But they also enhance your land and land value.  However, many of us have neglected our ponds and now they
are dirty, overgrown, weedy and in general not very attractive.  Fortunately, there is an easy an affordable way to clean up your ponds, make them more attractive for you as the landowner and healthier for fish and for livestock and wildlife to drink out of.  Pond care products from Crystal Blue are designed to recover your ponds from weeds, algae and muck and restore them to the clear water ponds you remember.  Come in today and ask about the Crystal Blue Pond system and find out how easy it is to have ponds and lakes you'll be proud of.
It's Time to Schedule Your Fall Fertilizer!

Fertilize this fall for better pastures, to stockpile fescue and for quicker results in the spring